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Slow wired internet speed


Slow wired internet speed

Recently updated the firmware (for the first time in a long while) on my Nighthawk R8000 router.  I currently have 1 Gbps internet speed (download and upload) from my ISP, but now all I'm getting is ~250 Mbps both ways via my wired connection.  I had been getting closer to 1 Gbps prior to the firmware update (although the wired download speed has been slower recently).  If I connect my laptop wired directly to the fiber modem I still get 900 Mbps+ both ways, but the minute I connect my laptop to the router it drops back to ~250 Mbps.  No switch or anything else between the router and my laptop.  Everything elses seems ok (wireless connections don't seem to have any problems).   Currently running Firmware Version V1.0.4.68_10.1.75.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Slow wired internet speed


try factory resetting the router. During the reinstall process, make sure to leave access controls, parental controls, qos, and traffic monitoring all disabled

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Re: Slow wired internet speed

My suggestion would be downgrade back to the previous firmware, even thought they are security risks I'll tell you why. This slowing down of routers has been happening for about 2 years now, it all started after firmware, after they removed features and added their Armor crap. If you dont believe me, look it up, its a wide known issue. Factory resetting and doing everything you can on your end solves nothing, trust me. I was hoping for a fix 3 firmwares later and still same issues as you are having. Try this, turn on and apply QOS, check your speed (Its going to be slow or even slower) Then turn off QOS and check your speeds again, you'll see will return back to normal speeds again for only for a little while before it slows down again. 

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