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What's best device to use


What's best device to use

I recently purchased a modem router combo AC1900.  It works good in the house but will not reach my shop about 200 feet away.  I am running a cat. 6 ethernet to the shop.  What is the best device to connect to my router in the house to put in my shop to provide wireless to my smart devices (light switches, outlet, garage door openers, and some tools)?  The shop is 40 x 30 and is wide open with no interferences.  I am not very tech savvy so I desire simple setup, easy to maintain and fairly inexpensive.  thanks!

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Re: What's best device to use

since you have cable, get an Access Point or a cheap router and set in in AP mode

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Re: What's best device to use

Like @microchip8 says, you have many options 

You could get a router and use it in access point mode, you could get a wireless extender (that supports access point mode), or even just an access point. 

I usually tend to point people in the direction of buying a router and running it in access point mode. That way you always have a backup router if needed. Or if you wanted to upgrade your primary router and use the older on as an access point, you can. I've done that several times. 

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