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What would be the best product(s) for my situation?


What would be the best product(s) for my situation?

My router (an old Nighthawk R7000) is starting to fail and I am trying to figure out what type of devices/setup would work best for me. I cant seem to find any sort of Netgear support on helping me decide what I need to purchase so I figured I'd ask here.


My router is on one corner of the house and my computer is in the basement on the opposite corner of the house below the kitchen. I do have an ethernet cable that runs from my computer room to the kitchen, but i am unable to run a cable from the kitchen to the router. 


In the past I've used either a range extender or another cheap router as an access point in the kitchen to try and help get a better signal on my computer, this gives a pretty mediocre result in games. Usually games are playable but there can be some pretty decent lag spikes/higher ping.


Does anyone have any recommendations on a router or router and other device that would result in the least ammount of latency between my computer and my router? I'm sure that there are devices now that have better range than the R7000 but I still feel that due to the distance and ammount of walls and kitchen things between my PC and my router, I may still want to do the router/access point combo.


Right now im eyeing the Nighthawk XRM570 bundle, but have no clue. would Wifi 6 be better for my situation? I dont think i have a Wifi 6 reciever on my PC but I could get a card for it.


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Re: What would be the best product(s) for my situation?

I would like at the triband orbi's. 

Either the AC or the AX versions. 
I'd avoid the dual band versions. The tribands have the dedicated backhaul so they have much lower latency and better speeds. 

The choice between the AC and the AX would basically come down to speed. If you've only got 100mbps ISP speeds, you won't see much benefit (there is a little) going to AX. But if you're hitting gig speeds, going with the AX might be a better choice. 


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