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WiFi Speed


WiFi Speed

I replaced a TP Link with this router because I thought my slow WiFi speeds were due to the router.  This is the same.


I am on Wave Internet, 1Gig speeds.  

I typically see 800+ download speeds with 10+ upload speeds THROUGH the router.


On WiFi, these speeds are typically less than 150 dowload and less than 10 upload.  

This is true for my iPads and iPhones.


Why are they so slow?

Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: WiFi Speed

So you have the R6700? 


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Re: WiFi Speed

What router do you have? 

What device are you using to speedtest with? (model and wifi card)

what site are you using for testing? 

are you testing over 2.4ghz or 5ghz?

What modem/gateway is it from the ISP?

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Re: WiFi Speed

If you look at my post, you'll notice I said I'm using a Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router.


What device am I using?.  Hmm.  As the post says, I am checking speeds on an iPad.

I am using Ookla speed test to test the speed.  It finds the best site.




Motorola MB8600, DocSis 3.1


All of this info is esoteric.


Like I said in my post.  I get speeds over 800 download THROUGH the modem and router.

Less than 200 on WiFi.

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Re: WiFi Speed

You're using an Ipad. Great. that doesn't tell us much. there are currently, 9 generations of ipads. 


with different wireless standards and different connections used for them all. 

Details are key as well as trying multiple devices. 

A 1x1 antenna device is going to have half the speed of a 2x2 antenna devices. 

As well as an older wireless N device is going to be slower than an AC device. 

And even AC devices have differences. 


And the R6700 isn't going to hit 800mbps over wireless. Maybe a bit over 300mbps depending on your device.

It might be good to read a review of how it perfroms as well as some details on why wireless is overrated in terms of speeds. 


I haven't seen a decently tested review of the r6700 but the R7000 should have similar speeds (a little faster as its AC1900 vs AC1750) and has plenty of tested reviews. It also has the tested speeds of an Asus RT-AC68U which is also an AC1900 device. 



And here's a site that goes over a lot of the misunderstandings of wifi. 



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Re: WiFi Speed


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Re: WiFi Speed

my iPad is a 6th generation 2018 iPad.


when the cable guy was here he was getting 500 on his iPhone.  My iPhone 12 won't do that.

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Re: WiFi Speed

"As well as an older wireless N device is going to be slower than an AC device. 

And even AC devices have differences. "


you're going to have to dumb this down a bit.  

What is an N device?

What is an AC device?

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Re: WiFi Speed

Older wireless standards. 

it went wireless B--->G---->N---->AC---->AX 

(couple other lesser used generations/standards in there)

So just saying you have an ipad leaves a lot of potential performance differences depending on generation. 

Plus its always good to test mulitple devices. 


also, a lot of people focus on peak speeds to "make sure they have the best connection". 

Most devices don't use more than 25-40mbps. Thats all the bandwidth you need to stream a 4k video for example. 

You'll be able to download documents/programs faster but for daily useage, you don't see much of a difference. 


the other thing is the faster network (5ghz) drops off quickly with distance and obstructions. 

Part of why I recommend reading the duckware article. Its well written and goes over a lot of misconceptions of wifi. 

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Re: WiFi Speed

When I connected my previous router, a TP Link Archer C2300, AC2300 MU-MIMO, I had a choice of speeds, 2.4 or 5.  

When I connected the NetGear, there was no such option.  I can only assume I'm running 5.

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Re: WiFi Speed

You can disable smart connect. It allows devices to switch between the 2.4ghz/5ghz based on their own protocols. 

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