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X4S Slow Speed when wired, Is my X4S Bad?

X4S Slow Speed when wired, Is my X4S Bad?

A few days ago, I started noticing that my internet speeds were slower than normal. I have ATT gigabit internet so when i say i started noticing, i mean, stuff was not super-fast anymore. Therefore, i did a speed test. I use ookla. I was getting 50mbps down, and 400up. However, the up would surge to 1200mbps. I did not think anything of it, i figured ATT network was bogged down by thanksgiving shopping. Today i notice again and do another speed test, and i get the exact same results. So I begin to troubleshoot. I revert to a known good firmware(current was, so i reverted to and then, factory reset. No improvement. So i hook my computer straight to the ATT modem and i get 970mbps down and 990mbps up. At this point, I knew something on my end was the issue. So i turned off my Wi-Fi radios, unplugged everything except my pc, still 50mbps down and 400up. Both wifi and gigabit ethernet are the same download speed issue.


I now have no idea why, but it seems that my x4s is bad. Can anyone thing of something that could be causing this? I have had this router about a year and a half and have been raving about its reliability. This may be the shortest life I have ever gotten out of a router. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 WiFi Router
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Re: X4S Slow Speed when wired, Is my X4S Bad?

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Re: X4S Slow Speed when wired, Is my X4S Bad?

Have you disabled QoS?


There is a manual for the R7800 somewhere at the end of this link:


>>> R7800 | Product | Support | NETGEAR <<<



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Re: X4S Slow Speed when wired, Is my X4S Bad?

QoS has never been enabled.

Also, I’m not sure a manual may show me much. I am not a novice as my post count may indicate.

This router has been flawless since I got it. Gigabit download speeds through Ethernet, and maximum speed through WiFi when downloading.

All I typically configure is WiFi settings. Nothing else. After the factory reset I didn’t configure anything. And still I had slow speeds. I hope it’s just the processor is bogged down by an issue I’m not seeing.
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Re: X4S Slow Speed when wired, Is my X4S Bad?

nevermind. turns out it is an issue with the ATT modem. 



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