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parental controls


parental controls

I have an AC2600 router nighthawk. I tried to access "customer support" for this question but got a 404 error. 

Is there any such thing as parental controls now?? I can't find a straight answer. When Ilog in to my router using 192.x.x.x. and click "parental controls" it brings me to an instructional video on the netgear website which prompts me to download "genie" which another page tells me is no longer supported. I cannot even find a THIRD PARTY place to download an OLD version of it. It makes me wonder if Netgear is still actually in business based on the dysfunctionality of their support.


I wondered if maybe the "block sites" feature would work by itself but it doesn't. I've added snapchat, snapchat.com, snap chat, tinder, tinder.com etc. and I can still navigate easily to these places without trouble, hence that feature doesn't even begin to work. 


Perhaps it's time to get a router made by a company that actually services its products but I hate to spend the money if there's a way to "hack" this thing to work. 


Thanks for any tips in the right direction!


Model: D7800|Nighthawk X4S – AC2600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router
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Re: parental controls

@hotwired wrote:

I have an AC2600 router nighthawk.



If that is the D7800 it is a  modem/router. That distinction is important because it controls how you can use apps to get into the thing. Modem/routers and routers aren't all the same.


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The D7800 uses the genie app. The R7800 the Nighthawk app.


@hotwired wrote:

Is there any such thing as parental controls now?? I can't find a straight answer.



I don't know where you looked for answers, but Netgear has certainly messed around with the free Parental Controls.


The latest Nighthawk app no longer supports standard (free) Parental Controls, only the paid for Circle.


Parental Controls still work but you may have to to manage them with the desktop genie for your operating system.


On a mobile device you can use a browser and login to your Parental Controls account at opendns.




Manage things from there.





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