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Re: r6700 now missing Transmit Power Control on firmware V1.0.4.122_10.0.95


r6700 now missing Transmit Power Control on firmware V1.0.4.122_10.0.95


I've got four wndr6700's and had the ability in the past to adjust the signal strength of each unit based on it's location to tailor performance.


Recently I've noticed a degradation in performance and started to check each unit.

To my surprise the feature Transmit Power Control is removed from the control panel.

There have been others who have posted about this:







There's an article from Netgear ( which haven't been updated since ) that illustrate this feature:



One user mentioned rolling back the firmware to get this feature back:


This is a disappointing discovery ( putting it mildly ) that Netgear would opt to remove this feature, and not tell it's customers. However they haven't removed it entirely. They've simply commented out the portions of it from the control panel.

Why? I've no idea. It seems that they did it on purpose for whatever reason and they frankly don't care. In fact they have commented out quite a bit of features upon further digging, and again no explanation or warning to the consumer.


So in order to get this feature back you need to do the following and yes it's a pain but it's the only way short of switching your hardware over to a different company that doesn't pull shenanigans like this.

1. Login to your control panel
2. Click the wireless tab on the left side
3. In Chrome, open your dev tools, google how to do this, if on a Mac, press cmd + shift + c
4. Search in the elements tab for "transmit power control"
5. See the <!-- and --> comments in the HTML and remove them by cliking edit html on them, then removing the <!-- and --> in the edit window. Click outside the edit window to save what you currently have modified.
6. You should see the the feature back and can then make your selection and save.
7. These changes will not persist if the page is refreshed or you log out, you will need to do the above again after.


It's not known if Netgear ( feel like calling them netscam now ) will remove this entirely and then the feature will truly be removed but for now it's working like this for me at least.


Hope it helps. It's really unfortunate that Netgear has chosen to do this and most likely they will not fix it since the above posts have been idle since 2020.

I really liked Netgear and have used their hardware exclusively since 1996 but I think it's time to start looking at another brand now 😞

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Re: r6700 now missing Transmit Power Control on firmware V1.0.4.122_10.0.95

Do you have the Nighthawk R6700? I don't think there is a WNDR6700 router model...

Is there any transmit power settings under Advanced Tab/Advanced Settings/Wireless Settings? 

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Re: r6700 now missing Transmit Power Control on firmware V1.0.4.122_10.0.95

I have a few r6700's. I tried to edit the model in the first post but don't have the necessary permissions to do so. I have a few wndr4300's which is also being used as an AP and most likely transposed the models during the posting.

I've, and others in the postings above have scoured the entire admin control panel and it's simply not there. Case in point, the attached photo I provided shows that the feature has been commented out in the markup as well.

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Re: r6700 now missing Transmit Power Control on firmware V1.0.4.122_10.0.95

Something to contact NG support about then. Thats something thats is beyond forum help. 



Good Luck. 

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