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r7000 drops internet connection


Re: r7000 drops internet connection

Thank you for posting this. I will try not to upgrade to the latest firmware. I'm afraid my router will start having issues again.
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Re: r7000 drops internet connection

Hi gavster,


After you reset the router, did you manually reconfigure the router or loaded the back up settings?

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Re: r7000 drops internet connection

I agree to all R7000 is without a doubt a faulty product. I have bought this product 4/5 months back and ever since this has been problem. I have upgraded to the latest firmware and have done factory reset several times but the it constantly drops connection almost every 20/30 mins. I use Linksys EA4500 as a back up router which works like a charm. I have done lot of research on this product and tried many suggestion I could find without any luck. I diont think Netgear can ever convince me again with their fancy words to buy their product again. 

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Re: r7000 drops internet connection

Mine still works. 

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