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CM2000 Modem - MESH System


CM2000 Modem - MESH System

Good morning,


I got a CAX80 modem router couple weeks ago and our house is 3500 sq feet. In some areas we do not have good coverage. I am thinking the following options but I need your advice as I am not an expert.


I plan to return the CAX80 modem router and purchase a modem CM2000 instead. Then I plan to connect a MESH system Nighthawk MK63S with three satellites.


Another question I have is that with a CM2000 modem, can I connect a MESH system that is NOT NetGear? I was thinking about the Linksys Atlas Pro 6.


Can you help me with what other options I may have? We work remotely and internet is a big issue for us. Thank you!

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Re: CM2000 Modem - MESH System

You can attach any system to the cm2000. Its a modem only device. 

If you're looking at a netgear mesh, I'd look at either the MK83 or the orbi RBK753.

The 60 series is only dual band. Versus the other 2 are triband. The tribands have the dedicated backhaul for higher throughput. 

Or you could try adding an extender to the CAX80. I've got an CAX80 and paired with an extender, its functions as well as my RBK752 setup or my SXK30 series (wired backhaul on that one). 

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