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Re: Does routerlogin.net work over ethernet?


Does routerlogin.net work over ethernet?

[I still cannot put in MR60 as the router model.]


On the desktop connected to the router by ethernet, when I try putting in routerlogin.net as the address it goes to Netgear website. That says that I must be on the same wifi network as the router. Does this mean that the router does not recognize the address if it comes via ethernet port? I thought it worked last year when I got the router. [It does work over wifi on laptops.]


Thanks in advance

Nath Rao

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Re: Does routerlogin.net work over ethernet?

what modem/gateway is the router connected to? 

Have you tried using its ip address? The default is but if you changed it or are in a double nat, it could have changed. 

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