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I've had my MR60/MS60 system for two years


I've had my MR60/MS60 system for two years

I've had my MR60/MS60 system for two years, 3 satellites with hard wired backhaul. It was all working solidly until the version came out which caused my system to start having intermittent connectivity issues.  After reconfiguring from scratch twice on and even trying a new mesh system, I finally downgraded back to and everything is solid again.  


I've been monitoring the community for newer version issues to see if I may ever be able to upgrade beyond  I'm not comfortable moving to yet and will keep my files in a safe place in case I do and then need to downgrade again in the future. 


Not sure of has features you need but try the downgrade and see if you can get running solidly again.


Just remember to disable Auto Firmware Update in the Advanced > Administration > Router Update > Manual Update section of the menus so that you can choose when to take the updates yourself. 

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