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MR60 Slow Wifi Speed


MR60 Slow Wifi Speed

Good Afternoon from out here in Sunny Phoenix,


I recently bought a Nighthawk MR60 Mesh WiFi Router to better the quality of my Home Wifi Network. While currently getting speeds upwards of 900Mbs hardwired to the Router, I am only getting WiFi speeds of upwards of 170mbps.


I contacted support and yet to have a call back from an escalated technician, and figured that I might reach out on the Community and see if anybody has had these issues and if there was a way to fix them.


What I've done so far with NG Tech:

Reboot Router, Update firmware to latest firmware, factory reset router, change wireless channels on both 2.4 and 5ghz bands, changed the MTU, Rebooted Router again, changed my DNS settings to googles DNS servers.


If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated.


My current Configuration is:

ZonaWyyerd Fiber to home 1Gbps down and up

Netgear MR60 Mesh WiFi Router with 2 satelites

Firmware Version V1.1.6.122_2.0.58

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Re: MR60 Slow Wifi Speed

Is this connected to the MR and not the MS? 

What brand and model Wifi devices are you using to speed test with? 

What speed test app are you using? 


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