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MS80 Satellite, Bricked?


MS80 Satellite, Bricked?

I have an MS80 satellite where the LED is constantly flashing white. It flashes and then the next flash as best I can describe it flashes as if the flash is interrupted. Flash -- interrupted flash -- flash -- interrupted flash, etc. I have a feeling the automatic updates have bricked this unit.


My MR80 router and other satellite are on version I've powered on the unit while holding reset, the LED briefly turns amber then back to the flashing. I've also tried the sync button and leaving the unit disconnected from power for hours.


Not getting very good hits on my Google searches but is there any way to connect to thus unit directly connected to a PC through a web interface, telnet, Putty, etc.?


Or am I stuck with a bricked unit?

Really none to pleased considering I bought these back in March and seems like firmware bricking these devices happens far more than it should.




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Re: MS80 Satellite, Bricked?

Does the MS connect to the MR via ethernet cable? Bring the MS to the same room ans the MR

Turn OFF all other MS while doing this. 

Be sure if you can get the MS connected, update it manually to same version of FW thats on the MR. 

Might even try downgrading the MR to last known working version of FW to see if it will connect there. 


Try a 30-30-30 reset process on the MS. Look this up on a online search for it. 


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Re: MS80 Satellite, Bricked?

Thank you for the reply, Furry!


Tried what you suggested and no, I'm not able to see the MS directly connected to the MR80.

I'm assuming you mean by logging into the web interface of the MR80 and looking at attached devices.


Tried the 30-30-30 and still the same results with the satellite.

Downgraded the MR80 to V1.1.6.14_3.1.101, tried another 30-30-30, same result.

Admittedly, I'm assuming that was the prior firmware version before the issue occurred.

I was unaware it had a problem until my wife said something recently.


Directly connecting the MS to my PC I can ping it at and looking at the ARP table the MAC address matches.

So I'm pinging the MS, however, if I try connecting to it via a browser, I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

Can anything be done with the device if it's pingable?


I opened a case with Netgear and my concern is if I tell them I can ping it, I will get the bait and switch.

The hardware is fine, you're having a software issue, which is only covered for 90 days.


Thank you,




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Re: MS80 Satellite, Bricked?

Ya, seems like the MS is in some bad state. 

MIght ask a moderator to see what your options are.

@DarrenM @KevinLiT 

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Re: MS80 Satellite, Bricked?

Got an RMA from Netgear -- thanks for your help!

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Re: MS80 Satellite, Bricked?


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