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Media Server Support on Nighthawk Mesh Systems (Not Routers)


Media Server Support on Nighthawk Mesh Systems (Not Routers)


Today I have a router with Media server capabilities that I am quite happy with in terms of streaming movies, pictures, from the USB3.0 external hard drive that is connected to this router. But the wifi range is challanging and I cant get good reception out on my backyard or in front of the house.

I am planning to switch to a Mesh system (looking into MK62) but I need confirmation that this product does have Media Server functionalities. Now I became aware that this product doesnt have a USB port on it so most probably the answer would be no but is there any other mesh product in the Netgear product portfolio, not a router, that gives me the range that I need and also supports MediaServer functionality as a mesh system, again not a router?



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Re: Media Server Support on Nighthawk Mesh Systems (Not Routers)

Some Orbi have USB ports (for whatever reason) but no DLNA Media Server.


Further on, Netgear had dropped several features on various popular Nightawk router models - in favour of adding Netgear Armor support. On one case (the R7000) even the Media Server was dropped

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