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Nighthawk MK63S (MR60) Device Count Curiosity


Nighthawk MK63S (MR60) Device Count Curiosity

Okay, i have an MR60R with two MS60 satellites, box says MK63S. I believe I read 25+ devices on the box. I bought this 3 days ago and have 14 days to return so want to make sure I'm prepared for all my current devices which is over 30 and for future, when people visit, etc. I have a 3 story house each level at 2200 sqft. Reception is great everywhere. My download speeds have shown to be lowest at 450 mbps and upload speeds at about 17 mbps using the netgear speedtest from the app.

First, I read that going over the suggested amount of devices would result in lag, but i also read that was dependent on what each device is doing. I have a number of smart lights (13 currently), 4 in the household so assume 4 tvs going, 2 garage door openers, 2 smart stats, phones, etc. If we have visitors (say 3 people streaming) and add more bulbs id like to know this 2 band system can handle it. Should i be concerned given the speeds I've mentioned?

Will the system/app drop devices even if the mesh system can handle the devices speed wise? I'm just not sure why some systems with similar parameters AX1800 say they can handle more devices, what determines that; the software?

I've only seen up to 30 devices at one time on the app, will it show all the devices that are connected period or is that its limitation.
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Re: Nighthawk MK63S (MR60) Device Count Curiosity

Earlier last week I purchased a Netgear Skyhawk Mesh WiFi 6 system at Costco because I thought I could improve my network coverage, internet speed and stability.


Before I used an ASUS RT-ACRH17 router with my Arris SB8200 modem and despite the no reception spots I had a stable network, fairly fast internet speed and my tv's didn't have to buffer (wired and Wifi).

But now with the Mesh WiFi 6 system it seems that my network isn't quite as stable as is used to be. My tv is buffering all the time and the response time on my laptops and iPads is significantly higher than before.


The installation went pretty smooth and I have better WiFi coverage in my entire 3 stories home.

But the response time, to open a website, seems to be longer in comparison with my old router.


I bought the system because it claims to give me the best coverage and the fastest internet speed. Unfortunately this is not fully the case. 


Despite my COX mega fast internet 900 mbps download and 35 mbps upload, the network has difficulties gettting all the bits and bytes on my screens.

However the download speed in the speed test gives me 600+ mbps download and 33-35 mbps upload speed but it takes quite some time before the test is executed.


Any suggestion on how I can improve this?

Because I am seriously contemplating of returning this system to Costco due to its poor performance.




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Re: Nighthawk MK63S (MR60) Device Count Curiosity



If you recently purchased the device I would recommend contacting our support team as newly purchased devices are provided with 90 days of complimentary support. You may open a ticket by registering your device using the link below. 






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