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Re: Nighthawk MK83/MR80 Ethernet Backhaul


Nighthawk MK83/MR80 Ethernet Backhaul

I just purchased a MK83 Mesh Wifi 6 system.   I have a large home with Ethernet cabling (Cat6e) running from each floor to a central wiring closet (each cable run is less than 80ft).  My setup is pretty straight forward:  MR80(router)-->Netgear GS205 Swx-->MS80(satellite). This is basic straight forward network setup - My satellites receive an IP address and show up in the GUI as wired, but they do not sync with the router.

  Has anyone seen this problem and if so, do you have a workaround?


FYI..  I called Netgear support and they provided contradictory information - One tech said that a switch could be used and other said a switch couldn't be used.  So I confused as what capabilities really exist for this expensive system.

I'm considering returning this for something else.


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Re: Nighthawk MK83/MR80 Ethernet Backhaul

You can use a switch. 

So if the're showing up with an ip address, how do they not sync? A litlte more detail on that might help. 

what actual modem/gateway do you have? 

Do the satellites work/sync if directly wired into the router (for testing)

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Re: Nighthawk MK83/MR80 Ethernet Backhaul

I have that same question...        The lights on the Satellites stay Red (not sync'd). the netgear nighthawk app on my phone shows them as wired and not sync'd, but the GUI just shows them as wired in the attached device list. 

I can connect any other device to any of the ether connections in my house and they work just fine.  I tested the continutiy of the cables, just to be sure, and they were fine.  But I still have the same issue with the MR80 and MS80.

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Re: Nighthawk MK83/MR80 Ethernet Backhaul

Here's my setup:  ArrisT25(CableModem)-->MR80(router)-->Netgear GS205(Swx)-->MS80(satellite)

  the problem has nothing to do with the cable modem or internet service - its between the MR80 router and the MS80 satellite.   


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