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Nighthawk MK83 Region Lock


Nighthawk MK83 Region Lock


I've bought from the US the MK83 (MR80 & MS80) & didn't know that they're region locked.

I'm having some issues connecting products to the WIFI 2.4 & 5 networks, I also tried changing the channels from the Wireless Settings page.


I've read every post I could find regarding the TelnetEnable & changing the region with Telnet.

I tried using every version I could find of TelnetEnable but it seems that none of them work for me, after running the command when I go to debug.htm there's no option to enable Telnet & when running telnet to the Lan port address I'm still getting connection refused, also tried with Putty.

I still have a couple of weeks before I can return the product where I'll be force to do if the issue still persists.


If anyone here can assist in any way that would be great.


Thank you very much in advance,



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Re: Nighthawk MK83 Region Lock

telnet was pulled from a lot of netgear devices for user access. I'd return it while you still can while its still within warranty. You're starting down the rabbit hole of potentially voiding the warranty and not being able to return it. 

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