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Nighthawk MR62 wifi challenges

Nighthawk MR62 wifi challenges

I really like this mesh system so far, but is anyone having occassional random disconnects with devices on the wifi? Sometimes I can reboot the device, but I sometimes need to reboot the router itself.


Chalking it up to Netgear working out the kinks in the early days.

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Re: Nighthawk MR62 wifi challenges

Hello italianbeef, 


Welcome to the community! Please continue to work with our Support Team and it would be great if you could update the thread with your findings with support. 



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Re: Nighthawk MR62 wifi challenges

If a device disconnects from the wifi (for example, rebooting a laptop), I get no internet after reconnection. The device will reconnect to the router...just no internet. I may reach out to support.

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