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Port Forwarding a MS60 Satellite


Port Forwarding a MS60 Satellite

If I port forward a port lets call 44158, to the ip of one of my mesh satellites so it looks somthing like linked below. will this allow everything that conects to that satellite weater its hardwired or wireless connection be port forwarded?


I tried using a online port checker to check if its opne and it says its closed...


Anythoughts on how I can connect multiple devices through one specific port?

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Re: Port Forwarding a MS60 Satellite

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Re: Port Forwarding a MS60 Satellite

You don't need to PF a MS. 

You only need to PF for a devices that is connected to the MR or MS that needs external WAN side specific port services. 

Be sure if you set a PF rule, that you disable uPnP. 



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