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Unable to communicate with some devices on Nighthawk MR60


Unable to communicate with some devices on Nighthawk MR60

After trying an Orbi mesh network recently and having connectivity issues I decided to return it and instead give the Nighthawk MR60 mesh system a try instead. It appears to be having its own distinct issues.


I have an HP printer and older chromecast (gen 1 I think). They both work fine when connected to my old router. However, when I connect them to the Nighthawk router they don't appear to be seen by other devices on the network.


I'm able to successfully set up both so they report that they are connected to the wireless network. I can see both of them listed in the routers management page.


However, my PC is unable to see the printer and the chromecast is not visible to other devices on the network either.


I've tried tweaking various settings I've seen suggested in this forum and elsewhere and it hasn't helped.


I've tried chatting with Netgear support, but it was mostly a waste of time. They were suggesting things that seemed totally unrelated. Like disabling SSID broadcasting and changing my 2.4GHz channel. They also suggested told me that devices connected to the router via 2.4GHz would be unable to communicate with devices connected via 5GHz. Which sounds odd.


It's worth mentioning that the printer and chromecast are both connected to the guest network. For a couple reasons. First I was hoping to keep my IoT type devices segmented. Second I want the use WPA3 for the primary network and the printer doesn't support it.


Figured I'd reach out here before resorting to returning yet another device. The community here seemed more knowledgeable than the Netgear support employees last time.


Anyone seen this behavior before? Got any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Unable to communicate with some devices on Nighthawk MR60

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Re: Unable to communicate with some devices on Nighthawk MR60

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