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recplace nighthawk ac3000 that drops with a Mesh?


recplace nighthawk ac3000 that drops with a Mesh?

We bought our Netgear nighthawk AC3000 wifi router 3 years ago and it was fine until about 3 months ago when it started dropping the internet multiple times a day.   This is a problem as we have 4 desktop  wifi workstations, security camera, several printers and iphone users .    My first thought was to upgrade to the AC4000  but i read there are lots of drop issues with it also.  


I just want to know what options i have. I researched the MK83 Nighthawk Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 but it is not getting great reviews.    I appreciate all input.


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Re: recplace nighthawk ac3000 that drops with a Mesh?

Hello Laura Oliver,


With the new and random drop issues you are having, is all of your devices up to date with their latest Firmware? Does you AC300 need any Firmware updates? Sometimes one deivce that isn't up today can cause all sorts of issues with your WiFi. What kind of space do your network setup in? All open area? Multi levels? Etc. Sometimes changing a channel or 2 on your current drivce can help solve a lot of issues as well. 


As far as the MK83, I like my unit. I currently have it in use in a 3600 sqft home on 2 levels. I have run it both wired and wireless backhaul and speed results were the same. Having a mesh setup gives more flexability around your work space. Lets say you 4 WiFi work station all right next to each other, you can place a satellite close to there and run them on WiFi. Or you could at a switch with the satellite and have all the station wired over WiFi. Does that make sense?


In my deployment, I am running mine as wired backhaul and able to cover the house with no dead spots along with covering my indoor/outdoor IoT devices as well. 


I hope this helps. If there something more I can explain please ask. I will do my best. 

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