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2.4ghz Wifi Issue

I purchased the above Modem/Router about a week ago to replace the ISP (Plusnet UK) provided unit.

Yesterdat the 2.4ghz channel stopped working, Couldn't connect to it, saying incorrect password etc etc. but the 5ghz was fine. So I raised a tech support request and after receiving the report number I phoned them earlier today.


I have seen a number of negaitve comments about the support Netgear is providing so I wasn't expecting much. But I was pleasantly surprised. I am reasonably tech savvy but I did find some of his instructions a little vague but he stuck with me and I made a couple of changes to the settings as he suggested. And now the 2.4 ghz channel is working.


Now I'm not getting ahead of myself as it's only been working for less than 24 hrs so there is quite a way to go before I would declare it sorted.


But I just thought I would put it out there that maybe the tech support could be better but at least I got the initial help I needed.



Model: D7000|Nighthawk AC1900 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router
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Re: 2.4ghz Wifi Issue



Sadly the Netgear gremlin reared it's ugly head again a few days ago. But this time no internet whatsoever. No ethernet, no 2.4 or 5 ghz connectivity. Nothing.


Rang tech support again. To cut a 1hr 15 min call short I did a total re-install, changed a couple of settings again, similar to that done previously, and it all worked.So tech support did their stuff again. 


But, and it's a BIG but, tech support did suggest that it might be faulty unit which, if the same thing happened again, they would supply a replacement unit. While that's ok it really doesn't give me much confidence in the quality and reliability of Netgear products.

Afterall Netgear are supposed to be one of the better manufacturers of these products.


Do I want a replacement unit or do I eturn it to the supplier and go for a different make of modem/router. I'm just not sure.

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Re: 2.4ghz Wifi Issue

2nd Update


Well 2 days ago it did it again. Lost all internet connectivity once again. I am so not impressed with Netgear products.


So rang Tech Support once again and after explainig what had happened, and the adviser reading the notes made previously, agreed that it should be reflaced FOC. But here comes the rub and it really hacked me off.


Yes the kit is free but here are your delivery options:


1) Free. Before they will dispatch the new item they have to receive the old one back. So that would take maybe 2 days to do that and then, on there information, the new one will be dipatched withinh 3-5 days. So I would be without internet for about 1 week.


2) I pay £15 and they send out the new item straight away and this should arrive with 3 days. Which means the old one is more than likely go to go offilne again. Then send the bad one back.


3) Pay £20 and have the new one delivered next day then send the dud one back.


Hang on. Why should I pay anything for the replacemnt of a faulty unit let alone potentially be without internet for a number of days.


Unfortunalty, I lost the call to Tech Support before I could discuss my options fully with the adviser but he emailed to say he would call me back after he had finished with his next call. Which he hasn't done.


So the long and short of it is that the dud item is going back to the seller as faulty and I have to now decide where do I go from here.


Netgear. Your Customer Service protocols need a serious looking at cos this is one very, very, very unhappy customer. Well for now anyway.





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