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5g Not working

Having trouble with wirless 5g, R7800 unit 2 months old & used to work ok,

This unit is not cheap !,  last month 5g sporadically started  dropping out, now no 5g at all.

I have made firmware update and factory reset today. Still not working.

Cant find a customer service number to call. starting to get get frustrated.

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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Re: 5g Not working

I should also add I have doubleschecked 5g network is enabled and   5g light is on (solid)  on router and wifi analyser app on my phone does not fing the 5g network or any of my devices.

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Re: 5g Not working

Hey man, 


I'm having the same problem and if you're going through the old posts like I did you're not going to find an aswer that works 100% of the time. 


Save yourself the trouble and try: 

1. Update firmware. 

2. Attempt factory reset. 


And then come back here and tell them it, I'm assuming, didn't work. 


3. Exchange it for a new one. 


I'm fairly certain these are the only steps I've found so far on the site. I'm taking mine back today for a new one since I've got this issue and haven't even had the device for a month yet. 


Challenge issued Netgear. Why are your 5g networks so unreliable? 

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Re: 5g Not working

Hi All,


Have you tried changing channels for 5Ghz?

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Re: 5g Not working

Thanks , I tried this also, still not working
I am gonna call customer support , I only have 2 weeks before then 3 month phone suppot runs out. I am very close to returning it and switching brands .
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Re: 5g Not working

I had done a firmware update and enabled Smart Connect and the 5g did not work, so I set it back to have two separate router configurations (2g and 5g_ and used channel 153 and it now works (finally).
Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: 5g Not working

THANKS!!! Router was acting so weird, the 5g just not working out of nowhere.  FACTORY RESET WORKED.  Before I read this I was messing with it and disabled the security entirely on the 5g network, which for some odd reason worked.  But when I put security on again it just would not let me connect even though I could see the ssid and the LED on the router was on and everything.

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