AC 1750 (R6400)

I am having trouble with my R6400 wireless router. I upgraded to the latest firmware (V1.0.0.26_1.0.14) in attempts to solve the problem.


My problem seems to be with wired and wireless devices, but mainly wireless devices as they come on and off the network frequently.


My Macbook, iPhone and IPad will almost always be able to connect to the router's wireless access point, but they do not seem to be getting an IP address and frequenly end up with a self assigned address. If I manually add an address, subnet, and gateway (using the router's gateway of I can connect to the internet. But it seems the DHCP server on the router is having trouble.


I have rebooted the router, installed the latest firmware, and rebooted all of my devices. Eventually, there will be a connection and an IP address given, but I can't tell if it is happening at random, or if any of my flailing attempts at reboots, renews, wifi-on-off toggles may be doing it.


When I look at the router admin pages, one thing that sticks out to me is that there are: -1817 attached devices. When I look at the list there are dozens (like 100) allowed attached wired devices, all with the same MAC Address. I am wondering if there is trouble handing out addresses with some many already assigned. I only have about 10 or so devices that would connect at any one time. Is there a way to flush this list? I would think a router reboot or firmware upgrade might do that, but it hasn't changed.


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Re: AC 1750 (R6400)

try a factory reset to default press reset button until power led flashes

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Re: AC 1750 (R6400)

Thanks for the suggestion!


I believe I have traced it to a rougue and ancient Airport Express. When I remove it from the network, everything that was having trouble seems to stop having trouble. I'm going to see what happens if I keep it off the network for few days. I have some old devices (mainly an IP cam) that seems to be unable to switch WiFi networks to my new one, despite my pleading. It might be time to do some upgrading, or that may be the device that needs a clean wipe.


Thanks again!




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