AC1750 R6700 install problem


AC1750 R6700 install problem

trying unsuccessfully to switch out my old Netgear router with a new AC1750 R6700. I went through 1,000 tries both with nighthawk app and at I keep getting the error message " unable to detect an internet connection", while the Netgear 42 & 42-5 are showing up as available.  

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Re: AC1750 R6700 install problem

Was there any resoulation to your issue? I just got an AC1750 R7600v3 and out of the box I get the samething.


Yes,my internet works.


Also replacing an old Netgear. I reset the router and tried again. After the 3rd attempt it finally connected. I checked and there was a firmware update so installed that. Upon reboot the  router connected, so thought it was fixed, but after rebooted after just changing the SSIDs same issue. 


So odd as the WAN light is green and I can see the router connected to the cable modem.


Any suggestions?



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