AC1750 Warranty Replacement - Trouble with Support

I started this request back on 9/4/2020. Only 1 of the 4 LAN ports is working. The agent determined that the product is under warranty and so I paid $16.90 for the RMA. The next day a new case # appeared under My Support which included the request: "To proceed with the processing of replacement, we would like to kindly request a clear photo of the serial number located at the back of your NETGEAR product." NO mention of proof of purchase in this communication. So, I attached a pic of the bottom of the router using the "Attach files to support case" link. I checked the RMA the next day and it showed "Status: Waiting for Proof of Purchase". Ok, I attached that as well. I also called support again because it's no fun sharing one LAN port. Got transferred up a tier and that agent told me that the serial # photo and the POP were attached properly. I thought that the RMA would update in a day or two, but no, I gave it three days and still no update. So, I called again... on hold for 20 minutes to be told I'm being transferred up a tier... on hold another 30 minutes for that guy. He answers and puts me on hold every 2 minutes for at least 5-10 minutes. He tells me he is issuing an RMA refund request and will email the warehouse to send out the new unit. That was late Friday. Here we are at Monday and there is no update on the shipment of the replacement. Are there Netgear support personnel on this forum? Is there a better number to call for better help?
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Re: AC1750 Warranty Replacement - Trouble with Support

Hello Keliboo


Have you gotten any updates? If not can you PM me your case number and RMA number and I can escalate the issue.



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