AC1900 R7000 not powering up


AC1900 R7000 not powering up

I've had an AC1900 R7000 that has been working brilliantly for more than several months now.  Running nonstop without hiccups since I first set it up.

All of a sudden, we noticed from our devices that the wifi signal signal was gone.  Looking at the router, none of the LEDs were illuminated.  Some notes on our situation:

- I'm using the manufacturer supplied DC power supply.  I have a DVM and measured 12.2V coming out of it (unloaded), so I think its working.

- The power supply and the router feel warm to the touch, so I'm sure there's current going somewhere through the device

- When I turn the power switch on the device OFF, wait several seconds, then turn ON, only the power LED glows amber just briefly (less than a second), then goes off.  No LEDs are lit after that.

Is the device dead??  If yes, what steps can I take to fix or replace? 

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Re: AC1900 R7000 not powering up

Could be your power adapter is soft. Try another power adapter. Youycould purchase an equivalent, or maybe one of the  the sites mods can get you the paert number for order..

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Re: AC1900 R7000 not powering up

Try contacting support since it doesn't power up. I believe they're covered for a year.

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