Re: AC3200 NightHawk Firmware update turned router inoperable


AC3200 NightHawk Firmware update turned router inoperable

I updated the firmware and now the router has turned off all of the ports, internet capabilities. Was working the day before. Here is the description.

WIreless feature is active. Both 2.4 and 5g. Can see the router. Can access the router via the login both wired and wireless. Cable modem is feeding the internet. The unit will not accept the internet feed to distro the internet.  Called tech support and they know the issue and want me to pay for a subscription to fix it.(?) IP adress also changed within the router to  Can anyone let me know if they had the same issue. What the fix could be?


Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: AC3200 NightHawk Firmware update turned router inoperable

Which version of the firmware did you upgrade to?

What modem are you using? (model number)

Have you tried a factory reset? Anytime you're having issues after a firmware upgrade, a factory reset isn't a bad idea. Many times this is a simple fix. 

If you're still having the issues after a firmware upgrade, you can always downgrade the firmware to an earlier version. I've seen many that had issues after the R8000 upgraded to include Armor. 


Another recommendation is to make sure to do your firmware upgrades/downgrades over a hardwired connection. This results in the best results when upgrading/downgrading. 

Current setup: CAX80->Trendnet TEG-S380->GS716T-> RBK752->pi-hole
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