AC750 Firmware Update Scam


AC750 Firmware Update Scam

Just an FYI.


Got scam email over the weekend (06/27/21) advising that there was a firmware up date to my extender. When you follow the prompts you will realize you cannot connect to your router or extender. That's when the scammers get on line.


Turn out it was a scan to get me to buy security.


The people responding claim to be Negear support staff.


When you try to follow-up there is a chat room dialog that almost autumatically appears asking for you name, phone number and nature of the problem.


When you respond they say support personnel with call you. Almost immediately the phone rings with a  person who identifies himself as a support person from netgear. As he walks me through the issue he cliams I've been hacked by malware and if I buy the security package may problems will disappear.


I began to question the legitamacy of the call and he gave me all sorts of rationale as to why I was making a mistake not protecting my information.



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Re: AC750 Firmware Update Scam

> Got scam email [...]


   The non-psychics in your audience can't see it, and, especially,
can't see the e-mail headers which would reveal from where it came.


> [...] That's when the scammers get on line.


   Don't know how you contacted anyone, either.


> Just an FYI.


   More actual "I" might have been helpful.

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