AD7200 Router won't connect to Readycloud


AD7200 Router won't connect to Readycloud

So my Nighthawk AD7200 used to connect to ready cloud but now it says that the R9000 (the name of my device) USB device is offline. I tried deleting the device from readycloud, logging out and logging back in. The USB device is a Seagate 8TB expansion desktop drive. It is connected to plex and is completly functional. This means that it is not the device, but must be either the router or the software. I tried connecting it to the other usb port on the router but that also did not work. It has been down for over a week. I would like to get it back up so that I don't have to disconnect my drive every time I need to add a file or change a file name. How do I fix it?

Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: AD7200 Router won't connect to Readycloud

The only drive I've seen reported here over 4TB's is a single 5TB drive?


You sort of imply it worked before on the router? Is this true? If it isn't, then the drive is not supported. The filesystem in these routers if not robust and is picky it seems. Over 4TB, generally will not work. Portables that draw power from the USB port, may not work, and the larger the drive, the less likely to work. Drives with more than one partition, don't work. Some will work in only one USB port, 2.0 or 3.0.


There is a list of drives for the USB port. Almost useless as this is a list of KNOWN drives that NG has used, by far, not inclusive.


To rule out port damage I'd suggest trying a Flashdrive in the port to verify it isn't a router problem.

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Re: AD7200 Router won't connect to Readycloud

The device was previously working. I was able to upload and make changes. It stopped working for no reason. I tried to unregistered and reregister it but it didn’t work. I tried changing it to a new account but that didn’t work. I also connected a different device and that did not work.

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