AX1800 and AC750 subnetting


AX1800 and AC750 subnetting

I have an environment where there are WiFi dead spots due to the location/achictecture.  I am looking to purchase both an AX1800 and Ac750, but would like to cofirm a few assumptions regading their configurability.

According to the documentation, both of these devices are preconfigured witha default IP   The ISP provided device (Hwawei) has the same default, and cannot be altered, as that functionality is locked out.  

I would like to change the AX1800 and AC750 to be and  Enabling network isolation for the subnets.


This would require (from what I can see), one of the ports to have an IP in the192.168.1.X range to communicate to the primarys ISP device, and the remaining to be in the 192.168.2X, or 192.168.3.X range.


Does the firmware and configuration options alow this??


If not, can these devices be set with static addresses of and, and have their DHCP issue for 192.1168.1.50-99 and ranges respectivly.


I have not purchased these devices at this point, as I need to know whether there will be problems with configuration and compatibility.  Due to Covid, I cannot determine the exact model of these devices,

Any ideas or suggestions?



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Re: AX1800 and AC750 subnetting

AC1800 and AC750 are speeds. Not models. 

What actual routers or devices are you looking at?

by the time you buy 2x routers, you might have looked at investing in a mesh system that would do those.

the SXK30 is a mesh systems and allows 4x ssids with different vlans. 

That'd accomplish what you're trying to do and it'd function with seamless roaming and the ability to add more sateliltes for additional coverage if needed. 

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