Ac1900 nighthawk wont connect to the internet


Ac1900 nighthawk wont connect to the internet

So I just ordered a ac1900 nighthawk off amazon. I tried setting it up, but I couldn't connect to the internet, nor through the wifi. My modem is new from the cable company, and if I plug anything into the modem it works. But, when I put the router into the modem it trys to connect but always fails. I tried different ethernet cords and always the same fail. I can't even see it on my wifi listing on galaxy s6. I tried factory reseting it too (even though it's new. I'll call netgear and my Internet provider tomorrow.
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Re: Ac1900 nighthawk wont connect to the internet

Hi @Chad420,


It is possible that the ISP is not recognizing the connection on your router. I recommend performing MAC spoofing on the router. You may refer to the link below for the steps:


Alternatively, you may contact us over the phone to get a step by step walk through on the process.





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