Access Control

First off I'd like to say thank you for addressing the MAC issue in the firmware update for the Access control.

Wondering if perhaps an editable box could be added as a descriptor (or the Device name be editable). I've noticed that if I manually add the device the description that I detailed stays. However if the device connects without having been manually added it adds the system name. Or in many cases none. Would be a real bonus if that also showed up on the Attached Devices tab but I know I am probably pushing my luck. Thanks.
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Re: Access Control

You can take your thoughtful idea to support directly.

Forum is user to user only.

Use portal at and reach out
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Re: Access Control

This issue I brought up was fixed in the new firmware.

I seem to be encountering an issue where I block a user via MAC however that user is still able to grab an IP and access files and other computers on the internal network.

For example I have an XBOX 360 (wireless) which can still access my NASS and other shared files on the network.
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