Access to usb drive through Readyshare drops a lot

I have an R7000 "Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router" into which I have plugged a Western Digital 3 terabyte USB 2.0 hard drive.  Both the router and the hard drive have been updated to the latest firmware available from their manufacturer's respective websites.


Most of the time I can access the hard drive via \\Readyshare but if I try to copy something very large to or from the drive through the router, about half the time the drive will become temporarily "unavailable".  Typically this happens when:

1) I attempt to read or write more than 3 things to the drive at once

2) I attempt to copy somthing large (~1GB) to/from the drive via \\Readyshare 


Has anyone else had this problem with a USB hard drive shared through their Netgear router? Any suggestions?

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Access to usb drive through Readyshare drops a lot

Hi RobNeptune,


1. Was it working previously?

2. Can you try to connect the USB drive in the USB 3.0 port?

3. Try to use another drive(thumb drive or external HD) and check if the same problem.

4. What is the exact firmware version of the router?

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Re: Access to usb drive through Readyshare drops a lot



I have similar issue. My USB HD is hgst touro mobile 1TB usb 3.0.

I upgraded R7000 to V1.0.5.64. I did a hard reset, and re-configuration manually. When I read some very large files (over 2GB) recently, the file access would suddenly drop. And then, the share drive would become unavailable until I reboot the route. 


Please check.

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Re: Access to usb drive through Readyshare drops a lot

I had this chronic problem with my Nighthawk also since I bought it months ago.  It was really driving my DVR software (Silicondust) crazy and I had to keep rebooting the router to get it to recover.


Additionally I had problems with the Router not allowing access to the 2.4 channels and occasionally the 5.0 channels.  The signal strenght would be fine, but the tablets, phones, and laptops just couldn't connect (ethernet was fine).  A reboot of the router could fix that, but I was having to do it once or twice a day.


Sometimes the router would completely lock up (no web page access), requiring a hard re-boot (hated doing this to an attached USB hard drive Raid array).


In the course of researching the dropped USB 3 drive on my router, I found an obscure note that a USB Raid Array can interfere with the USB drive function on the router.  I simply moved the USB 3 raid array further away from the router and ran the USB 3 cable in a way that kept it away from the router as much as possible.


Ta-Da,  Everything has been working much more stable.  I think there is still a little effect, but far less than before.  My wi-fi connections are solid and much better throughput.


The USB 3.0 Raid drive was already about a foot from the router.  I moved it to about 2 feet from the router now, which made such a huge difference.


I sure hope this helps others.  I'm positive that a lot of the routers were returned due to this.  The occasionall lack of 2.4 connectivity and poor throughput (which lasted for days till I rebooted) was about to drive me to do so.  My wifi printers and old tablets would just stop connecting or perform painfully slow.  Now they are very reliable.



Model: R7900|Nighthawk X6 AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi Router
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