Accessing Media Files [Tips]

Hi, I just bought this router (r7000) a few days ago, and I have digging through the forums looking for tips & advice for setting the router up. The biggest hurdle I had was getting dlna & itunes media to play.

Suggestions for iOS & Android devices:

VLC Media player - free app, plays any file & is able to connect to your network in a few different ways (ftp/upnp/etc)

    So, DLNA & iTunes media server using the R7000 device, enabled in the router, using no read/write restrictions basically was a bust, so it was time to find a easy peasy working soution.

    1) Enable & register for DynamicDNS trhough the router
    2) Make sure FTP is enabled in Advanced > USB Storage > Advanced Settings
    3) Install VLC on your wireless devices
    4) Select login via FTP
    5) Put in your admin/password (same as accessing the router's control panel)

    Enjoy playing your audio/video files where ever you are (and normal usage will apply if you are rocking the files with your cellular data, BUT in your back yard or porch on your WiFi, its free & flawless (I dont use QoS, but few devices are running simultaneously)

    Hope this helps. Personally DNLA is bugged out for me on any * all devices including genie, both to & from DLNA devices. Genie fails to get data ... error
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Re: Accessing Media Files [Tips]

Edit: Android support for VLC is not supported yet.
I got it to play on the lan side using FX File Explorer Plus & ES File Explorer, but not via ftp.

iOS is fine via ftp using vlc on my iphone
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