Admin login fail


Admin login fail

Hi there,

I changed my login password for the admin console of my Netgear R7000 router in de admin environment.

However, after saving, I can't log in. Neither with my new password, neither with the default password.

I did a router reset, but then it just happens again.
Any help?

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Re: Admin login fail

Aeroflott wrote:
I did a router reset, but then it just happens again.

After a factory reset of the router the admin password should revert to the default, are you saying it did not in your case? How exactly did you reset the router?
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Re: Admin login fail

I had that experience today and solved it after calling up chatting with tech support and found other issues regarding passwords which is where this may originate.

This is due to using a fair password with one extended character of @.

For me I use a modem, though this maybe cover others as well. When testing this out stay on the line with tech support and let them know the out come. Maybe they will fix this particular error.

CMD31T modems
Hardware Version 1.02
Software Version V504b

This is my answer to the FAQ when it asked if it was of any help:
And this was my replay:
Warn users that the password can not contain extended characters. Periods seem to be ok. If they change the password under admin and they may not be able to access the box, even after push button factory reset. Your support will be able to get them back on with the MSO user password combination. The password MUST be reset to factory options while they are still online with the tech. Have the user close the browser completely and then re-access the modem with the default admin & pass. Warn the user, that if they change the password while under the MSO account that it will be permenant if they forget it and that NETGEAR themselves will not be able to get it without having the modem sent in for a re-flash of the electronics.

Just have another computer when tech support is helping you so that you can connect the power and a Ethernet cable to it so you won't get knocked off.

And thanks to Netgear tech support agent: Irene with Expert ID 46045
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