After Market Replacement Antennas

Has anyone have any experience, good, bad or no difference, with replacing stock antennas with after market ones. From what I have read some people say that the middle antenna is for the 5 GHz band and the left and right are for the 2.4 GHz band. In addition it has been recommended to replace the left and right antennas to increase range of the 2.4 GHz band and that it is not possible to increase the range of the 5 GHz band. Can anyone confirm this and if anyone has changed antennas with good results, what brand did you use?
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Re: After Market Replacement Antennas

All of the technical info I have read is that all 3 antennas are dual-band.
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Re: After Market Replacement Antennas

Anyone else have any thoughts on this question? Thanks
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Re: After Market Replacement Antennas

All three antennas are the same dual-band otherwise they would have been individually labelled right left and center.

Also looking better coverage.. another forum mentions SuperPowerSupply antenna.

"the R7000 comes with basic +2dbi antenna. to get better signal i ordered a set (3) of dual-band +9dbi antenna (super power supply brand from major online retailer for only $19). when i receive them i will use my mobile wifi app to map out any changes, and then post back.

i did some testing with new antenna's. in 2.4GHz band i see approx +10dbm on signal strength (-50 to -40). in 5GHz band approx +5dbm (-60 to -55). a good addition for cheap, etc."

On Amazon SuperPowerSupply says R7000 is supported, but SuperPowerSupply has no mention on their website.

Will Superpowersupply's +9dBi antenna support the R7000 and is optimized for 11AC? Anyone have an opinion?
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