Re: Airplay Problem with Nighthawk Router


Airplay Problem with Nighthawk Router

I have tried everything and I contacted also the support of Netgear, who is investigating the issue. Probably you can help me...

My problem:

If Apple TV is active, then Airplay function for streaming from other Apple devices (e.g. iPhone) works without any problem.

If Apple TV is in standby mode, then any Apple device show the Airplay button (e.g. in YouTube App), but it is not possible to activate Apple TV over Airplay button in order to show the stream via Apple TV. Finally it appears an error message and Apple TV still remains in standby mode.

Firmware / OS of all devices are up to date.

I used an ASUS RT-N65U Router and did not have any problem with Airplay.

Now my questions:

1. Does anyone here have the same problem?

2. If you do not have any problems, what are the settings of your router?

I am wondering, if the problem is caused by the router and its firmware or if this problem is an issue of the current iOS of Apple TV.

The feature "Airprint" is still working fine.

And finally I do not want to go back to my old ASUS router as I have more data speed with this router.
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Re: Airplay Problem with Nighthawk Router

There is a bug with the latest release of AppleTV (came out around the time iOS 8 did) that causes the AppleTVs to occasionally not show up on the list of devices, like on a Mac or iPad. Also, if a TV does appear and it is asleep, the TV cannot be waked up by another device (which is what would cause the error you are seeing). The only workaround is to just click on the TV remote to get the AppleTV to wake up and then everything works fine. This is all over the Apple forums and not specific to the R7000. I have messed with a few different routers and the issue occurs on all of them.
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Re: Airplay Problem with Nighthawk Router

IMHO this is AppleTV. I just disabled the sleep mode. The 1-2W the device needs I can live with.
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