All my devices can connect to Internet except my PC


All my devices can connect to Internet except my PC



My laptop (PC) cannot connect to the Internet. All my other devices IPad, Macpro... Can connect. I tested my computer on other wifi Internet and it works well except for my home wifi. I wipe out my computer and reset everything. It still does not work. I tried turning off router/wifi for 5 min and connecting again ... Still not working.

please help.

thank you

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Re: All my devices can connect to Internet except my PC

Could it be that your PC needs updated drivers for the wifi?


Does the PC see the wifi networks? Which wifi bands are you trying to connect to?


As everything else is working fine, this looks like a PC problem rather than anything to do with network equipment.


But who knows? You haven't given us much to go on.


To get m re informed answers you might like to provide the information suggested in this forum:


Subject (Include model number and brief summary)
Model (Recommended - Helps the community give the best answers)
Body (Include additional detail including model version, firmware, OS and environment where relevant.)


As is it, we know nothing about your system.


Just another user.

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Re: All my devices can connect to Internet except my PC

As @michaelkenward said, very little info was given initially.


Please provide:

  • Router make and F/W version.
  • Signal Security setting (WPA, WPA2, etcSmiley Wink
  • PC OS running.
  • Network device not connecting.
  • Network device settings.
  • Network device speed capability.
  • How did you test on another network that you said worked.
  • Can PC PING the router and what does it get back?
  • Can PC connect to Router?
  • Have you compared settings for netword device to a device that works?
  • Is PC connected wired or wireless?
  • What exactly do you mean by "I wipe out my computer and reset everything."? Did you do a fresh install of the OS and re-entered network settings?

More info always helps here.

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