Always Losing IPv6 with R7000


Always Losing IPv6 with R7000

Have this R7000 router I bought at Best Buy in March 2018 and for some strange reason I always Lose IPv6 atleast once a week especially like Sunday or Monday, I am using Auto Detect and then it switches over to DHCP with my Comcast. Also using SB6183 modem. Need some help if I'm using the correct set up? or this a common issue with this particular router? or should I be using a different setting with IPv6? Thank you for your help. Also router is updated with current firmware .34

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Always Losing IPv6 with R7000

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Re: Always Losing IPv6 with R7000


You are fine. You use the Auto-Detect in the drop down to queuery for the IPv6 addresses. Once populated, they are DHCP from your ISP unless you set static, in which case there is an option for that also. This is similar to the internet settings in that the wizard auto detects for you, then allows you to set DHCP, static, etc.

Probably what you see in @DarrenMs link. In any event, if the fields stay populated after auto detect and when using the DHCP setting your fine.

I'm using DHCP on both R7000 and R8000P behind a SB6190. Solid!

If yours are not staying populated, tell us who the ISP is and also what DNS you are using. Also if your internet is DHCP or static.
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