Amber light with new fiber service


Amber light with new fiber service

We changed our service from Cable to Fiber. I have a R7000 as a primary router. From the R7000 to a desktop there is no issue. I have cable run to a gig switch that then connects to an R6400 that is setup as a Wireless Access Point. That one shows an amber light on the R7000 and I am only getting about 100mb. The original cable was wired for RJ45 type A. When the technician came in he wired everything to B. I thought that was the issue. So I rewired all of the connections from the R7000 to R6400 as RJ45 type B. I sitll don't get anything faster than 100MB.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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