BUYER BEWARE!! Won't honor warranty


BUYER BEWARE!! Won't honor warranty

Netgear will not honor the 1-year warranty (Case# 40911673).  Spent almost an hour with support and was told it was defective.  Then she told me I was out of luck, because I bought the router at AAFES ((Army Air force Exchande Service), basically a Target store on a military installation).  The router was purchased 10 Aug 2018. It is registerd and they have a copy of the receipt.  I have a $175 brick.  I am still fighting and may file in my local small claims court.  I loved Netgear, NO longer.  Will NEVER buy another product from them.

You have been warned.


Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Router with MU-MIMO
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Re: BUYER BEWARE!! Won't honor warranty

Hello KMHGeorge


Can you send me a Pm with some contact info and I will see if I can get someone to work with you on the issues.



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Re: BUYER BEWARE!! Won't honor warranty

It has been almost a year and I am still with a non working router the firmware has been bad since day one. Ed from Tech support bricked my router stopped it from being warrantied he stoped communicating. I had a rep from customer advicate team helping me until L3 dept stopped that Now only been offered refund at a reduced price of origianal purchase. They would remote in and first thing they wanted was to update firmware and if it didn't work I was always blamed and told it was my envirment it was my computers fault my dogs what ever they could blame as long as they didn't take responsiblity for the half baked pile of junk. If you are reading this you have a issue with your POJ best thing you can do is take it back to the store listen to all others on here when they tell you its junk and Netgear doesn't care. I didn't belive that at first but know I am 1000% Netgear is run by a bunch of idiots who  don't care one thing about your experiance or if your router works they don't care at all it is the goal of tech support to call you a liar and that its your fault and they don't want to fix anything or help with anything. They know there software is trash and they don't care they are collecting a paycheck and that is all they car about there is not one person at netgear that will take care of you or make sure you device works the warranty on the box is just writing it doesn't mean nothing. Netgear is the worst company ever and the customer service is the worst ever. I can't think of any one or any other company that is worse. I wouldn't recommend netgear or any devices they make. I have spent over 400hrs trying to get this resolved and had over 8 routers replaced each one with the same problem that is listed about the wifi stops broadcasting the SSID and you have to reboot. I had a issue with each one that after setup the 5.1 would dissapear and 5.2 didn't always work and 2.4 was limited and smart connect would freeze the only temp soulition I found was to turn off the smart connect and set 5.1 to 75% power and make sure MUMIMO was on. This didn't fix all issues but it would make it work under the latest firmware with limited speed. That was untill it was bricked by hotfix that the support rep downloaded on it and bricked it he told me it was the fix from L3 they bricked the device they wouldn't replace they told me they couldn't do anything I told the rep what I thought of him and netgear I had no contact for over a month until I was contacted on here by negear and also at the same time I got ahold of local news customer advicate and he was going to air a special about netgear. The offered money back but that has not happened so now waiting on Local New Station to re invistage This they want to let the public know about netgear and the fraud they are commiting by selling devices that could have a class action lawsuit brought against them for selling a device to the public that they know doesn't work and the willing are selling it with a know defect is gross negligance and if others brought a class action lawsuit we might all get our money back. 

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