Beginner looking to extend R7000


Beginner looking to extend R7000


I currently moved to a large house and need to cover a bigger area than before. I have a nighthawk R7000 which I would like to continue using and my first estimation is that another beacon in the first floor would pretty much solve all my needs. 

Im tempted to buy another R7000 and wire them in bridge/AP mode, but I would like to ask a couple of things to make sure I understand correctly what will happen:

1. Will connections to the "child" router show up in the same ip range as if they connected to the "parent" router? Since this is a home set up I am not concerned about separating traffic in different VLANs, however I do have a small IoT system that I need to reach no matter to which router I am connected. 
2. Will my mobile devices jump between different SSID? I want to have only one network name

3. Ideally I would like to assign static ips to specific devices, I already do this with my R7000 but would be great to be able to do it even if those devices connect to the child router.

4. And the more obvious question, am I looking for "AP mode" or "Bridge mode", I have discarded "Repeater mode" because from my understanding, it would create a second network and it beats #2 and #3


Thanks for your time and help!

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