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Best practice advice

I have the 7900 in a networking closet upstairs. The signal is poor near certain areas of the house. I got a few of the Nighthawk Mesh.X4S extenders. The signal looks great but the loading of webpages is poor and some time - it even times out. I have used Netgear Genie and it thinks the speeds are great but nettest is dog slow. I am on Altice One and have a 300MB plan. I can not disable the WiFi that comes with the cable companies router - however it is much faster. How should I even start looking st this?
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Re: Best practice advice

are you able to connect the 7900 outside of the closet could be getting a lot on interference. 



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Re: Best practice advice

You did not say if you see the same slowness if Ethernet attached from PC to router. That gets wireless out of the picture. Also if you are experiencing slowness folks report that turning off QoS speeds things up. If you have that on turn it off. 


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