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Bitdefender Box - Bridge Mode and R7000

I am thinking about hooking up the new Bitdefender Box 2.0 to my network. The Box goes between the modem and the router and my primary router has to get placed in Bridge Mode. Does this mean I will lose all of the Netgear R7000 features?

Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Router with MU-MIMO
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Re: Bitdefender Box - Bridge Mode and R7000

Put the router in AP mode.  I have a UTM appliance running untangle as my router then my x10 as my AP.  You loose the Qos feature on the netgear but the bitdefender should handle all other router functions.  My UTM with untangle has Qos and everything just like my X10 did as a router.  

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Re: Bitdefender Box - Bridge Mode and R7000

I have a Box 2 and have set it up in standalone mode with the WAN port on the Box 2 going to a switch port on my personal router and the LAN port on the Box 2 going to an internal unmanaged switch. All of my hard wired systems on my internal LAN go to the Box 2 connected switch. Box 2 has a DHCP server that will assign/detect systems that are on the internal switch while the router acts like an ISP router. You still have to setup the wireless network on the Box 2 in order for it to capture wireless clients. You'd then disable wireless on your personal router and bounce your wireless clients to connect to your Box 2 wireless network. If you have any static wireless clients, then you'll have to set them to DHCP and then set them static through the Box Central app after the device is discovered and scanned.

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