Can I turn-off/disable all software add-ons


Can I turn-off/disable all software add-ons

We're getting Comcast cable in a week or two - contractor is just finishing the plant install.  I want a modem/router with 4 Gig ports and Wifi although I don't intend to use the WiFi since I have two newer routers from another vendor (I like vendor spread for security reasons).  The C7000-100NAS in on the list of compatible modems that Comcast gave me the other day.


I want a router where I can disable or otherwise not use any problematic parental control or network control software.  Can I entirely disable Genie and anything else?  Any other reasonable priced modem you'd recomment for our low speed (either 30 or 60) service?


Model: C7000|Nighthawk - AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: Can I turn-off/disable all software add-ons

I am not sure what you are looking for?


Parental Controls, I believe ALL routers do NOT have this built-in? Some are optional if they are, or external programs that you can 'connect' to the router.


"network control software", not sure what you mean here either? Do you mean QoS, Traffic Meter, etc.? I suspect ALL routers have these as optional items. Do you mean something else?


As far as I know, a Netgear router when first turned on will do few things for you. What is turned on is the Wireless SSID's, DHCP Server, and not much else. You have to do the SETUP to eanble what you want.


I don't even KNOW why you want anything else? The C7000 fits your requirements?


You have 2 other routers? Why? If you use them, you'd have to disable the C7000's wireless and put it into BRIDGE mode or you'd wind up with more than one network.


If you intend to use those other routers, don't get the C7000 but a stand-along modem and save yourself some grief, hence why I don't fully understand what you really want here?



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