Can't register my R7000


Can't register my R7000

I can't register my router.  I try on the support web page and it says:  "Something went wrong, Please contact support team."

I try with Genie and it says: "Resource Validation Error".

Any ideas?

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Can't register my R7000

That's not the usual error, but the solution may be the same.


You have a couple of options, try to find a local contact number (it may be well hidden) or send a private message to one of the Netgear moderators here.

If you are really lucky, someone like @DarrenM or @ChristineT will take pity on you and step in.

Just another user.

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Re: Can't register my R7000

Replaced the router (for other was time).  Not a problem anymore.

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