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Cannot Fix Date and Time

This problem has been posted several times and in each case the solution is simple. Change the DNS.


However, I am behind a big fat IPS that I don't have control of and when I change DNS settings my router gets kicked. The rest of the world will completely ignore my routers existence until I set DNS back to "Get automatically from ISP" (date and time servers are very inaccessible at this point - obviously). The system will very briefly connect when I first power on but then I get kicked again. It's like my cable isn't even plugged in at that point. I have to work with in the confines of their system. The IPS administrators grudgingly allow me to have this router in direct violation of their own security policies. They've made it clear they have no intentions of helping me make it work with in their system. 


Not being able to fix the D/T is agravating because when I try to read the logs I have to interpret the D/T information and figure out when stuff happened. This is instead of simply having a meaningful date and time right there in the log.


So....any ideas anyone?


P.S. I don't understand why Netgear didnt just give me a blank where I can set the time and date myself. Why should I be forced to use a D/T server at all? Why is it that the date and time are not retained after a reboot? I know that whenever the router is rebooted (not reset - just power cycled) the D/T resets to Jan 1. 12:00am. All of my other settings remain including connection names and various passcodes. So why are the date and time not retainned as well?    

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Cannot Fix Date and Time

Hi jtowntex,


The main connection might be blocking the NTP server of the router that is the Time and Date is not accurate. 

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Re: Cannot Fix Date and Time

Yes, that's my point. The server is being blocked. That cannot be fixed as I do not have control over the IPS and firewall that I'm stuck behind. So how can I edit the date and time manually. Just seems odd to me that the only way to get date and time is via the servers. Is there a reason they did that?

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