Connecting R7000 to ethernet hub via CAT5

Hi folks. Nube in Australia here and my first question, so please be gentle... I have an R7000 Nighthawk. I am ecstatic that my ISP, yep, the big one, Telstra, have just advised me that they have made a decission that Outlook e-mail through a VPN is no longer supported due to being VPN'y. I only found this out after getting the Outlook 2010 refusal to connect errors from their server. Mind you, webmail through the VPN was still operating, although slow, wow, go figure...


My question of the Knowledge Base is, Is it possible to connect my R7000 to an ethernet hub that is input from a DJA0231 Thompson modem and still be able to select either R7000 or DJA0231 as an input to my computer? I have tried different ethernet connections, but the port service LED on R7000 does not light up.


I am using Win10 and external connection to my P.C. is ethernet. Don't get me wrong, Telstra is history and everything that they have WILL be migrated, but I do not wish to rush and I do have what I believe will do the job to be able to switch VPV/Public.


Thanks, Colin.

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