Connecting through VPN


Connecting through VPN

Hi, Excuse my ignorance but im pretty ne to this whole installing VPN on your router.  I just urchased the NetGear blackhawk R6900 which say on the box it supports vpn service.  I have followed all the directions and downloaded and installed the open vpn for windows 64bit.  I have merged the files and changed the domain name etc.  But when i attempt to open the Open VPN GUI it pops up and says "No server certificate verification"  I cant seem to find much online about it. Ill keep my fibgers crossed someone on here can lend a helping hand.

Thanks, Mike



Model: R6900|Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Connecting through VPN

What firmware version do you have on the device?

A number is more useful than "the latest". (It may not be by the time people read this.) There can also be newer versions, or "hot fixes", that do not show up if you check for new firmware in the browser interface.


You may need a new version that updates the VPN support.


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Re: Connecting through VPN

It is running firmware
I had it scan for updates and it says that it is up to date. If you have any other ideas they would be greatly appreciated.

Model: R6900v2|Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router
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